Options: Slant Load/Side by Side/Stock Trailers


  1. 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner w/ Heat Strip
  2. Frame out for Air
  1. Awning Deluxe - 7' x 12' (8500 Series)
  2. Extra length to Awning Deluxe (8500 Series)
  3. Center Rafter - For awnings over 15'
  4. To install aluminum bracket and rail for awning (so customer can install awning)
  1. Torflex Axle in place of Leaf Spring - No Charge
  2. 5200 Ib. Tandem axle in place of 3500 Ib. Tandem axle
  3. 6000 Ib. Tandem axle in place of 3500 Ib. Tandem axle
  4. 7000 Ib. Tandem axle in place of 6000 Ib. Tandem axle
  5. 8000 Ib. Tandem axle in place of 7000 Ib. Tandem axle
  1. 6000 lb or 7000 Ib. Axle w/ I0-ply Tires
  2. 8000 lb Axle w/ 10-ply Tires
  3. 8000 Ib. Axle w/ 16-ply Tires
  1. Butt or breast bars (per pair)
  2. One Piece Spring Loaded Butt or Breast Bar at back to keep horse in w/ No back tack
  3. One Piece Chain w/ plastic cover and hooks
  4. For Each Additional Adjustment (Butt or Breast Bar)
  1. Built in closet
  2. Mirror
  3. Bunk cushion
  4. Table
  5. Storage bench (no cushion)
  6. Cushion: 4" Thick bottom cushion (Approx. 18" Wide X 39" Long)
  7. Cushion: 2" Thick back cushion (Approx. 18" Wide X 39" Long)
  8. Linoleum in place of carpet (figure by the long wall)
  9. Mini blinds (refer to camper package option sheet)
  10. Ceiling insulated and paneled (figure long wall and 8" for gooseneck)
  11. Walls insulated and paneled (Deluxe models - add 8' for gooseneck) NOTE: One a "970" model figure 8' on the slant wall, plus long wall and 8' for gooseneck
  12. Extra blanket rack
  13. Shelf for hat box (18" wide)
  14. Clothes rod w/ shelf
  15. Cigarette lighter, 12 volt
  16. Lunadome
  17. 12 Volt lunadome
  18. Porti Potti (Model #265) Portable Toilet
  19. Fix bracket for holding tank
  20. Raise floor in dressing room (figure long wall)
  21. Fantastic Fan w/ built in thermostat in place of regular lunadome
  1. Divider w/ rubber mats hanging underneath (per divider)
  2. 16" middle divider w/ butt bar, breast bar and front post
  3. Complete full divider or Two piece divider (need height of divider off floor)
  4. Extra aluminum 16" divider (slant or straight)
  5. To add bottom to aluminum 16" divider (need height of divider off floor)
  6. To make divider to go both ways (per divider)
  7. To make divider to be able to move to different locations (per location)
  8. To make divider heavy duty
  9. Slant pipe divider (when customer deletes slant wall)
  10. (Stock Trailer): T Divider w/ padded butt bar
  11. (Stock Trailer): Tubing divider w/ butt and breast bar and front post
  12. (Stock Trailer): Shoulder guard on T Divider or Tubing Divider
  1. Dog Boxes
  1. Walk-thru Door from dressing room to tack room or to horses area (need to know which way to swing) **Specify height and front or back of feed trough if center walk thru**
  2. Center tack door (28" or 31")
  3. Gore made door w/ sliding window
  4. Full Walk thru escape door
  5. Small escape door (like the ones that go over top of fender)
  6. Dressing room door w/ screen (28" wide)
  7. Dead bolt lock
  8. Cam lock on door (per cam lock)
  9. One piece back gate in place of regular door
  10. Door in side of gooseneck without window
  11. Door in side of gooseneck with window
  12. Plywood sliding door at start of gooseneck
  13. Saddle doors
  14. 40/60 back doors (extra)
  15. Doors in place of breast or butt bar
  16. Deluxe feed door w/ window and bars (25" x 25")
  17. Deluxe feed door w/ window and bars in place of regular drop feed window
  1. Combination back gate in place of regular door (Reinforce back)
  2. Two full length back doors w/ window and cam latch in place of Combination Gate - No charge
  1. Escape Hatch
  1. Equalizer brackets on tongue
  1. 12 Volt fan in horse stall
  1. Feed Bags - (Inside)
  2. Feed Box - Top Open (Outside)
  1. Canvas Mesh at Feed Door so Horse cannot stick his head out
  1. Feed Trough w/ lights, hooks and door (per horse)
  2. To DELETE a door (less)
  1. To move center gate to different locations (per location)
  2. Drop down gate going into gooseneck
  3. To make combination gate one piece - No charge
  4. Center stock trailer gate - 4' solid - w/ bars above it - total height of approx. 5' *No rubber on side
  5. Stud divider gate w/ rubber kick plates (approx. 1" off floor) (Solid to height of top rail)
  1. Diamond plate to go around front of trailer
  2. Diamond plate on fenders (this includes both fenders)
  1. To add 6" extra height (figure total length of trailer including gooseneck)
  1. Bucket hooks (flip down)
  2. Cargo hooks (recess)
  3. Inside or outside ties
  4. Bridle hooks
  1. 12V Electric jack for pull-type trailers in place of regular jack w/ battery and charger
  2. Extra drop foot jack (under gooseneck)
  3. Hydraulic - One single 12V Hydraulic jack
  4. Hydraulic - One pair 12V Hydraulic jacks
  1. Removable King Pin for 5th wheel hook up (to be used with regular coupler)
  1. Extra length on a 6' wide trailer For 7'6" tall
  2. Extra length on a 79" wide trailer For 7'6" tall
  3. Extra length on a 7' wide trailer For 7'6" tall
  1. Inside or outside light
  2. Lights on runner board
  3. Running light on top of trailer
  4. Spot Light
  5. Extra stop and turn light mounted on side fin
  6. Old style tail lights to LED lights
  1. Outside Front Open Tack Box
  1. Padded stalls and divider
  1. Plywood on floor of gooseneck and front wall of gooseneck
  1. Aluminum top rack w/ ladder
  2. Ladder only
  3. Sulky rack on top w/ track
  4. Sulky rack on tail gate or door
  1. 4' ramp w/ dutch doors and window in place of tall doors
  2. Tall doors w/ rubber bumper in place of ramp w/ dutch doors
  3. To fix top doors over ramp on 7' and 8' wide trailers to swing to side of trailer
  4. 4' ramp over back doors
  5. Single ramp at front horse w/ top door and window in place of escape door
  6. Double ramp at front two horses w/ top door and window in place of escape door
  7. Extra height or extra width on back or side ramp
  8. 55" side ramp (used on our head to head trailers)
  1. 4' ramp in place of combination gate - No Charge
  2. One pair of dutch doors w/ window above ramp
  3. One pair of tubing dutch doors (squared off)
  1. To delete back tack
  2. To add a chain across back
  3. Shelf in back tack
  4. Brush tray
  1. Rubber kick plates
  2. Floor mats - 6' Wide
  3. Floor mats - 7' Wide
  4. Floor mats - 8' Wide
  5. Rubber dock bumper
  6. Rubber mats in place of carpet in dressing room
  1. Saddle compartment w/ head divider, light, 2 - feed doors and one saddle door added to front of pull type stock trailer
  2. Seal off saddle compartment with 2-doors and light (dressing room model)
  1. Saddle racks
  2. Swing out saddle rack in back tack
  1. Small Stainless Steel fold down step used going up into gooseneck
  2. Gore made aluminum fold down step for dressing room door
  1. Stainless Steel Nose on Gooseneck trailer (cost for the front sheet)
  1. 5' tall sides
  2. Shim in sides
  1. For an extra 1/2", 1" or 2" stripe installed
  2. To "restripe" an older/new aluminum trailer
  3. To "restripe" an older/new aluminum trailer
  4. Tape Color Chart
  1. To go to: ST225/75R15 (8-Ply) in place of ST205/75R15 (6-Ply)
  2. To go to: LT235/85R16 (10-Ply) in place of ST225/75R15 (8-Ply)
  3. To go to: LT235/85R16 (14-Ply) in place of LT235/85R15 (10-Ply)
  4. To go to: 215/75R17.5 (16-Ply) in place of LT235/85R16 (10-Ply) Note: The 17.5 is aluminum wheel
  1. ST205/75R15 (6-Ply) = 1820 lbs. Ea. @ 50 PSI
  2. ST225/75R15 (8-Ply) = 2540 lbs. Ea @ 65 PSI
  3. LT235/85R16 (8-Ply) = 3200 lbs. Ea. @ 65 PSI
  4. LT235/85R16 (10-Ply) = 3040 lbs. Ea. @ 80 PSI
  5. LT235/85R16 (14-Ply) = 3750 lbs. Ea @ 110 PSI
  6. 215/75R17.5 (16-Ply) = 4805 lbs. Ea. @ 120 PSI
  1. Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes on Trailer **Must use the correct brake control on vehicle
  1. Aluminum top air scoop
  2. Butterfly Air Vent
  1. Straight across divider wall for a 6', 7' or 8' wide trailer
  2. Slant divider wall for a 6', 7' or 8* wide trailer
  3. Above walls w/ 1" tubing at top for air flow (4" apart)
  4. Above walls to swing or to be removable
  5. Divider Wall in Gooseneck
  1. 15", 5 or 6-Hole Aluminum Wheels (ln place of regular wheels)
  2. 16", 6 or 8-Hole Aluminum Wheels (In place of regular wheels)
  3. 17.5 Alcoa 8-Hole Aluminum Wheels (In place of regular wheels)
  1. Small picture window (15"H x 22"W)
  2. Medium picture window or escape window (22"H x 30"W)
  3. Large picture window (24"H x 48"W)
  4. (14"H x 48"W) or (14"H x 59"W) Bus window
  5. To install a radius sliding window in camper door, walk thru door or Gore-made door
  6. Drop down feed window w/ bars in back door in place of regular window
  7. Drop down feed window w/ bars at horses tail (in slant models) - in place of regular window
  8. Slats at horses head (no feed window) - **NO CHARGE** **NO CREDIT**
  1. To go from 6’ wide to 79" wide **Total length including gooseneck**
  2. To go from 79" wide to 84" wide **Total length including gooseneck**
  3. To go from 84" wide to 93" wide **Total length including gooseneck**
  1. 120 V wiring w/ one outlet
  2. Extra 120 outlets (Inside)
  3. Outside Ground Fault Receptacle
  4. 120 wiring from back tack to dressing room for generator
  5. Pre-wire for air